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the Mission

The mission is big but simple...TO TAKE THE MESSAGE OF JESUS INTO ALL THE WORLD.

As the church, we are designed for this purpose and we have been commissioned by Jesus to do our part to accomplish the mission.  CopperRidge Church is active in The Mission in three primary ways; PRAYING, GIVING AND GOING.

PRAYING is an important part of the life of every believer.  We believe that through prayer for unchurched peoples, for missionaries and for missions efforts, the message of Jesus will be spread.

GIVING is an important part of the life of every believer.  We believe that giving of our time, talent and resources, is an act of worship to the Lord and that the generosity of every believer is critical to accomplishing The Mission.  

GOING is something all believers must do so that The Mission can move forward.  Not all will go to foreign countries to share the message of Jesus, however, we must all go, carrying the message of Jesus, to neighbors, co-workers, families, friends and to those whom God gives us access.  It is the responsibility of all believers to financially support those whom God calls as Missionaries, who leave their homes and GO to other people groups to share the message of Jesus.  

CopperRidge Church currently supports 10+ missionary families and ongoing missions projects with monthly financial partnerships.  This is possible because of the many believers who have chosen to join the mission by PRAYING, GIVING AND GOING.


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